Basanthpur Barrage, Jangir-Champa Dist, Chattishgarh

Basanthpur Barrage Constructed a barrage across Mahanadi River, Near Basanthpur Village

Location : 

Basantpur Barrage constructed a barrage across Mahanadi River near Basantpur village of Tehsil Champa in Jangir-Champa dist. C.G. The site is located about 40 Km away from Champa town by road.

Barrage Objective:

The barrage is contemplated with a storage capacity of about 54 M. cum (1.90TMC) to cater the needs of water supply to 5 power plants established nearby to the site. Further it will provide water conservation and recharge of ground water table which enable the needs of water supply to the nearby villages suffering from acute shortage of water during summer of each year.

Silent Features of Barrage :

  • Storage capacity proposed              :           54 Mcum (1.90TMC)
  • Length of barrage                           :           867.5m
  • No. river bays                                :           60nos —12x5M
  • Thickness of pier                            :           2.5m
  • Crest level                                     :           +209.500 M
  • Pond Level                                     :           +214.500 M
  • Top level of barrage (Bridge level)    :           +224.875 M
  • Excavation quantity                         :           12 Lakhs Cum
  • Concrete quantity                            :           2.4 Lakhs Cum
  • Gates                                             :           60 nos – 12 x 5.3 M

Value of Project:
233.53 Crores
Basanthpur Village, Near: Champa
Water Resources Division, Janjgir, H.Q. Champa, Chhattisgarh
Award Date
February 2011
Completion Date
March 2018