Attain standards set by management with a sharp sense of clarity, confidence and conviction

Environment, Health & Safety

We follow the most recent health and safety regulations. Encourage personal responsibility for creating a safe workplace. Risk reduction through education, instruction, information, and supervision at all levels of the organization.

Health, safety, and environmental protection are given top priority by management. Appropriate initiatives are implemented to ensure that HSE issues are addressed as soon as possible at all work locations, from the Head Office and Branch Offices to Project Offices and Sites. All employees are reminded of the importance of implementing and promoting green initiatives.

Serious incidents are avoided by enforcing strict safety standards. The policy, practice, and process framework aim for a zero-accident rate.

Meeting management’s expectations with a keen sense of clarity, confidence, and conviction. Encourage and empower human resources throughout the organization to achieve ever-higher levels of performance excellence.

Backward vertical integration:

RPPL deviates from industry norms by constructing a backward integration capability to control all aspects of the “Design, Build, and Operate” concept.

Octagon Pole, Metal Beam Crash Barrier, Scaffolding, Guardrail, Road Signage, Wall Mould, and Thermoplastic Paint are all RPPL subsidiaries.

To ensure safety and environmental sustainability, cutting-edge technology is used. Best practices are standardized across business lines.

Awards & Recognitions

RPPL Group comprises has been recognized on a regional and global level, winning a number of major awards. Here are a few of our honors.

Brands and brand partners

In our experience, we have been build exclusive partnerships with global and internationally superior brands and agencies.

As a trusted and well-established commercial enterprise, RPPL group has proudly partnered with these brands and agencies to introduce them to the India market and beyond. Over the years.

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