Redefining Business and Setting new standards of Service and Quality

Quality Policy

Being aware of the crucial infrastructure industry’s quality standards. Achieving management-set criteria with a keen sense of clarity, confidence, and conviction

Encouraging and equipping all of the organization’s human resources to reach ever-higher levels of performance excellence.

Health Safety Environment Policy

The management accords environmental, health, and safety protection issues the greatest importance. At all workplaces, from the head office and branch offices to project offices and sites, appropriate measures are implemented to guarantee that HSE issues are swiftly addressed. All staff members are frequently reminded of the significance of putting forth and encouraging green initiatives.

HR Policy

At Rithwik, the HR policy document improves the organization’s understanding of its roles, procedures, and systems. This will help to create a robust, development-focused, and employee-friendly institution. Rithwik Projects anticipates a higher level of dedication and contribution from its employees in order to maintain the company’s growth in step with our economy, now that employee-friendly policy changes are in place.

We sincerely believe that HR policy will significantly improve our associates’ well-being and assist us in achieving UNIQUE AND BEST HR PRACTICES ACROSS RITHWIK.

We at RITHWIK focuses on Employee Safety, Welfare and Human Values, to enrich a Family Culture, mutually beneficial to individual, organizational and societal and thereby to the National Growth.

Awards & Recognitions

RPPL Group comprises has been recognized on a regional and global level, winning a number of major awards. Here are a few of our honors.

Brands and brand partners

In our experience, we have been build exclusive partnerships with global and internationally superior brands and agencies.

As a trusted and well-established commercial enterprise, RPPL group has proudly partnered with these brands and agencies to introduce them to the India market and beyond. Over the years.

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