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For more than two decades, RPPL has been dedicated to fostering a culture of safety and quality, eco-friendly environmental practises, and high-quality project execution. Everything they do is motivated by their desire to provide only the best for all of our employees.


RPPL is one of the largest employers in the Indian construction and infrastructure development sector, employing over 2000 people across the country. We hire, train, and reward our employees with retention benefits. Our employees take ownership of their work and execute it flawlessly.


RPPL projects are of high quality. Each of our projects is subjected to multiple quality checks to ensure that their clients and their clients' clients receive only the best. We will continue to strive to be an infrastructure industry leader with strong client relationships.


RPPL's project execution is centred on innovation. We are implementing new innovative initiatives and repurposing old technology. Our teams will continue to innovate in areas such as supply chain optimization, product quality, and operational execution.

Awards & Recognitions

RPPL Group comprises has been recognized on a regional and global level, winning a number of major awards. Here are a few of our honors.

Brands and brand partners

In our experience, we have been build exclusive partnerships with global and internationally superior brands and agencies.

As a trusted and well-established commercial enterprise, RPPL group has proudly partnered with these brands and agencies to introduce them to the India market and beyond. Over the years.

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