Koteshwar Hydro Electric Project

Koteshwar Hydro Electric Project

The Tehri Power Complex, which consists of the Tehri Dam & HPP (1000 MW), Tehri PSP (1000 MW), and Koteshwar HEP (4X100 = 400 MW), was designed to maximize the river Bhagirathi’s hydroelectric potential. It is located 22 kilometers downstream of Tehri. It will make it easier for Tehri Power Complex to function as a significant peaking station in the Northern Grid since Koteshwar Dam’s reservoir, which has a live storage capacity of 35.0 MCM, would serve as the lower (balancing) reservoir for Tehri PSP. This project also controls how much water is released for agriculture from the Tehri reservoir.

The original work was awarded in November 2002 for 394 Cr and was successfully completed in 2013 for a total work value of approximately 1000 Cr.

This project involves lining a 593 m long, 8.0 m wide horseshoe-shaped diversion tunnel and a 500 m long, 8.0 m wide D-shaped access tunnel to reach the open powerhouse. The whole project entails the excavation of it is a concrete gravity dam with a maximum height of approximately 100 meters above the deepest foundation. Four spillways with four 18m x 16m radial gates make up this dam’s four spillways. On the right bank, a power intake was built with four 6.2-meter-diameter penstocks. On the right bank, a surface powerhouse was built at the dam’s toe. Additionally, this project entails erecting civil works in the outside switch yard, such as tower basements and switch yard control rooms. The total Excavation qty executed in this project is 82 Lakh cum, and total Concrete qty executed in this project is 10.68 Lakh Cum.

All four units (Unit-I, Unit-II, Unit-III & Unit-IV) were synchronized with the Northern Grid in March’ 11, March’11, Jan’12 & Mar’12 respectively.

Value of Project INR 1050 Crores
Location Koteswar Dam, Koteswara Puram
State Uttarakhand
Client THDC INDIA LIMITED, Uttarakhand
Award Date November 2002
Completion Date February 2011