Vented Dam – Across Nethravathi River

Vented Dam – Across Nethravathi River

Vented Dam:

Vented Dam constructed across Nethravathi River near Thumbe. The site is located about 20 Km away from Mangalore.

Objective of Vented Dam:

An old anicut has storage facilities for the city of Mangalore’s drinking water demands, and these can be temporarily filled with wooden boards. It is proposed to build a permanent concrete dam with vertical spillway gates to store water to a higher elevation of +7 M, i.e., to 2.0 TMC of water for daily water supply to Mangalore city and other industrial purposes, among other things. This is due to the increased demand for water supply to meet the needs of the developed Mangalore city. This dam was constructed as a result.
Silent Features Of Dam:

Length of Dam 344.5m
No. of vents 30nos —10×5.5M
Thickness of pier 1.5m
Crest level +1.50 M
Pond Level +7.00 M
Top level of barrage (Bridge level) +12.00 M
Excavation quantity 1.05 Lakhs Cum
Concrete quantity 0.65 Lakhs Cum
Gates 30 nos – 10 x 5.5 M
Value of Project INR 75 Crores
Location Mangalore
State Karnataka
Client Karnataka Urban Water Supply and Drainage Board
Award Date January 2009
Completion Date December 2016